It’s about personal choice when it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase a human hair weave. Numerous debates have been written about the notion of devices that alter one’s beauty. Acupuncture of the breast, body part augments, injections with chemicals into their faces, caps and teeth whitenings nose jobs, eyebrow plucking injectors for lips, cosmetics hair coloring, and the list continues of all the different things you can do to themselves to change one’s appearance. hair weave

What are the reasons a person might be compelled to go to such lengths? Do they want to draw the attention of a stranger or build self-esteem or to conform to society’s notion of beauty? If we weren’t constantly being bombarded by magazine ads that show the faces of people we’re told are the most beautiful people in them , or bombarded with the storylines of television and film that tell us what’s beautiful and what’s ugly, can we intuitively discern what defines beauty? 1. Women everywhere wear weaves! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and any other ethnicity you can think bundles with closure

The primary instinct of the majority of species is for males to go to any efforts to attract female. Male peacocks spread their colorful feathers and dances dancing. Male lions wear hair that is full to make its mane. Male black widow spider, well we won’t discuss the steps he must take to get a female widow spider to sleep with him , and be awake the next day.

However, the human race appears to be in reverse. Females of our species are quick to change their appearance based on concepts of attractive so that they can attracted a male and then procreate. Hair that is long is said to promote sexuality and femininity, which is why they opt for extensions and weaves in order to attract a male. They’re told that an hourglass figure is a sign of an attractive woman for males and one who is able to endure the birth of a child and raise it, therefore they have breast implants to change their appearance. The idea is that bad breath is bad for their health, so they clean their teeth. There’s an explanation for why we have a variety of salons around towns that provide hair extension stylists and hair weaving.

Women are looking to be and feeling attractive. Women are looking to relive their youthfulness. Women are looking for the glamour they believe that long locks can bring. If attaching the filamentous growth of another human’s dead cells that have escaped from the skin to the cranium can help women feel confident in themselves, and self-confidence, then she is in good hands.

Making up an appearance that is different for one occasion or sometimes isn’t as exciting as trying to be an individual who isn’t her own for a period of up 2 months even a year. A frequent visit to the salon can provide her with a respite from the monotony of day life , her social connections and bonding time with female friends. Despite the harm that falsifying her hair could cause to her emotional state real hair texture and growth can lead to dangerous health issues, women want men to think she’s hot and captivating.

The irony of her presenting herself as something else than she actually is is when men realize this and believe they have been deceived. They thought they could touch these silky locks for hours and run their fingers through them, inhale the sweet smell of healthy and clean hair. However, instead, their hands are slapped. They’re told to not touch. They end up engaging in other activities instead of waiting for her return from an urgent visit to the salon for adjusting the hairstyle.

At the end of this journey of a human hair weave, the woman will be left with less than she had hoped for. Her natural hairline has receding and thinned. Split ends, bald patches and broken hair will replace natural hair that may have been made to look gorgeous and gorgeous. And the man she hoped to impress may have been enticed by a woman who can afford a natural-looking braid than she does.

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