Are you scared of quitting smoking for the fear of gaining those extra pounds? Smoking increases metabolism and this is the main reason that makes people think that once you quit, you gain weight. This is a misconception and should not deter you to quit smoking. There are many people who dread the idea of kicking the habit for fear of weight gain but what they fail to realize is that they are succumbing themselves to a more deadly and injurious to you!

Quit smoking with no weight gain is not an unachievable task. There are many practical and simple things that you can do to curb putting on those extra pounds. The moment you quit smoking you tend to put on that extra flab as smoking slows down the metabolism rate in people.

You need to exercise for at least half an hour every day to control putting on weight. An half an hour session does not mean that you have to undergo a rigorous aerobic session. You do not even have to go for regular gym sessions either. A thirty minute walk round the block is enough to do wonders for you and believe me you will also feel more relaxed and refreshed. It is very essential for you to exercise as these exercises help you to control the cravings that you will have for smoking. It helps to clear your mind and at the same time motivate you to restrain from smoking.

Replace your old habit of smoking with healthy snacks. Quit smoking with fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Do not go in for fat rich food in order to control your cravings. There are many people who turn to alcohol when they decide to quit smoking. This is not at all a wise decision so you should not go in for it. For many people smoking and drinking go hand in hand and once they have quit they turn to alcohol. It is difficult to quit smoking with a soft mind… you need to be strong and adamant. Be determined and do not fall prey to temptations. This motivation has to keep you going. Ensure that you do not get swayed away…be strong and you are bound to succeed.

The withdrawal symptoms that you will face when you quit smoking can make you feel depressed. You should accept yourself the way you are and be happy to have undertaken the challenge of quitting smoking. When people start appreciating you for your efforts you do feel happy and this inner satisfaction helps you feel better in a great way. You should praise yourself for the step that you have taken. Feel proud to have been able to accept the challenge of giving up smoking.

Thus, from the above, there is no fear of you putting on those extra pounds once you quit smoking. You just have to adhere to the above-mentioned tips in order to avoid gaining that excess flab that you are afraid of. The results of quitting smoking give you a better and healthy life that you deserve. So be happy with your choice and live life happy-puff.