Marketing my tourism company on the web has been an important focus for me over the last few years. Kayak Rentals Maui  Since I began my new direction of online marketing I’ve discovered and am discovering the benefits of online marketing and would like to share them with fellow tourism-related business owners.

The reason 1 why I enjoy online tourism marketing is:You receive a payment in advance

For the past three years, my tourism business was dependent on traditional booking channels like local booking centres as well as wholesalers of travel, as well as inbound operators. It was wonderful to receive the business of these companies, Maui Kayak Rental but I was never paid until at the close of the next month. In some situations it might take more than the time frame stated above. For small-sized businesses, this is difficult.

With online bookings currently reaching 50% of sales, I am being money in advance for a large portion of work . We all know the benefits of that.

The second reason to enjoy online tourism marketing is: Commissions less equals more profit on our bottom line

A brief example of my own hike as an example, will clarify the matter:

Our day trip costs $322 per person. Let’s imagine there are 8 participants for this excursion.

Commissions that are associated with the online reservation (online booking system commissions and credit card charges) total 7.5 percent. Commissions for travel wholesalers should be at minimum 20 percent. The difference between the bottom line of the day trip is nearly $300! For a small-scale tourism company like me, an additional $350 for the identical number of guests on a day tour is something that I am interested in!

The 3rd reason to love tourism marketing on the web:Less lag time

We’ve all been there before: placed an appointment to sell or went to an exhibition and spoke to the most important person from an important travel company. We present our product and, when they see our product. They’re smiling and acknowledging. This is great, we believe, this could lead to new business in the near future.

Then they inform us that it will get ready in six months time to the season that follows and anything could take place between now and. Of course , we are aware of this and accept that things will take time however wouldn’t it be wonderful to have results earlier?

The process is much faster online. This doesn’t mean that it’s much easier, but at least we’re able to move through the entire process quicker. A case study from my company I made the choice to become proactive in encouraging customers to submit TripAdvisor reviews in January of last year. it took me around one months to have my initial 6 reviews published, or seven. after which customers began telling them they had found me through TA and I saw increased traffic to my website being brought in by TA also. The results can be a lot quicker on the internet as opposed to traditional channels for travel.

Reason 4 to be awed by tourism marketing on the internetWe can evaluate our results precisely and swiftly

An illustration: A few seasons ago, I printed a few brochures. I also paid the monthly charge to distribute them around places of accommodation and tourist attractions around our area. The cost was thousands of dollars just for brochures, and some hundred dollars every month for distribution. I was unsure of what would happen, however I was able to monitor the quantity of business we received from these brochures throughout the time during the entire season. I continued to use this method for 2 seasons but with very little outcomes, but the price was substantial and I was bound to an agreement for the duration of the season and couldn’t cancel it.

Another illustration: I purchased an entry in an online travel guide which was considerably less expensive than creating and display brochures. I could track precisely how many people visited my website I was receiving from this source, and was able to end the agreement (and it was) when I was not satisfied with the result.

Because we can track the outcomes of internet-based marketing quickly and efficiently and quickly, we don’t need to wait for long periods of time to discover whether they’re effective or not. We are able to “fail quickly” and then move forward.