Fishes have consistently drawn in people. They are either brilliantly shaded like the goldfishes or exceptionally dull, awful in appearance like the stone fishes. They are dependably a subject of entertainment. Various unique transformations have made them effective animals in order to make due in tremendous assortment of water assets. They are likewise appropriate to escape from the hunters. Electric beams are one such sort of fishes. As the name recommends the fish can give solid electric shocks. elektritõukerattad

Electric beams are cartilaginous fishes having a place with the series Pisces and request Torpediniformes. They are beam fishes as the name beam in the term electric beam is representing. The pectoral balances are enormously lengthened. They are well known for creating electric flow of the power going from 8 volts to 220 volts. Electric release is utilized to incapacitate the prey just as for safeguard from the hunters. They have been held under four families with 69 species known as of now. The most popular individual from the request Torpediniformes is Torpedo usually known as crampfish and numbfish. The name of the numbfish has been gotten from a Latin word torpere which means deadened. Electric beams are great swimmers. Their plate molded bodies permit them to stay suspended at the base too swim quickly with least exertion.

Electric beams are portrayed by presence of adjusted pectoral plate which conveys two decently adjusted dorsal balances, a very much evolved solid tail encompassed by caudal balance. The skin is without dermal denticles and is smooth. A couple of kidney-formed electric organs are available at the foundation of every pectoral balance. The nose is wide and to some degree decreased. Mouth, nostrils and five sets of gill-cuts are situated at the foundation of the pectoral plate. They are habitually found in the shallow waters to a profundity of 1,000 meters. They are sluggish, drowsy, moving with the assistance of tail rather than the pectoral plate like different beams. Feed on spineless creatures or different fishes. These fishes keep themselves covered in the sand present at the lower part of ocean and lie on pause for the prey and as it approaches they utilize their electric organs to incapacitate the prey prior to burning-through.

They merit unique spot in the set of experiences. The antiquated Greeks utilized these fishes to numb the aggravation of labor and activities. Roman doctors involved these fishes for the treatment of migraine and gout. They are known to be the most delicate fishes among the collective of animals. Eyes are situated on top of the head so the vision is poor and they rely upon different faculties instead of locating for prey discovery and power recognition. Many beams and skates separated from the electric beams bear electric organs at the foundation of their tails yet Torpedo bear two electric organs on each side of the head. The current passes from lower surface to the upper surface of body. There are four focal nerves that emerge from a particular mind flap to supply these electric organs. This particular mind flap is fairly disparate in shading when contrasted with cerebrum. Every electric organ is comprised of various hexagonal segments that are loaded up with 140 to half and 1,000,000 plates or batteries. These batteries are provided by the anastomosing organization of the focal nerves. The batteries are organize in an equal manner in the marine fishes while are orchestrate in series in the freshwater fishes. Both these courses of action eventually bring about the age of electric release of higher force. Due to the power of this release the electric can go after a bigger creature a lot bigger in correlation of its body.