In several of my articles here at Ezine Articles I describe how The Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion and/or Mainstream Christianity is based upon sorceries, tricks and magic, and one of the best known magic tricks that they use to great effect is the trick known as The Shell Game. This is a game where you “now you see it” and you don’t. It is very popular. This, though, leaves us with a question: How can we accurately, honestly and Truthfully apply it to Roman Catholicism with all its Protestant denominational splinters (the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion) and, as my title would suggest, incorporate Cognitive Dissonance into the equation as well?

It turns out that I was just reading an article about Cognitive Dissonance on a website this week. Cognitive Dissonance is how the author of the article came to the conclusion that it has a direct impact on our lives today in the modern world. Or, is it a post-modern world? Who cares anyway? The author uses a scene from the movie ‘Chicago’ to support his argument. In it, a man is found by his wife in bed with two women. He tells his wife, in a desperate attempt to console her, “that he’s alone.” His wife was stunned and replied: “What do ya mean, I can only see two women !!??”?” He replied, “Believe me when I say it, not what your eyes see!” Is this really a ridiculous state of affairs? Have our minds and lives reached this level of insane stupidity in the early 21st century? In my answer to this question, I would say “yes”. It turns out that the wife in this movie shoots her husband’s wayward husband. So it is clear that she wasn’t a victim to Cognitive Dissonance.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what I have said, as it raises serious questions. Is it better to be convicted of a crime (in this case, a murderous crime in passion) than to become a victim of the horrible mental disorder Cognitive Dissonance? If you feel I am outof order, wait until you’ve finished this article before passing judgment.

Let me stop and give you a quick definition of cognitive dissonance, courtesy the Ethics Score Board website:

Leon Festinger first recognized cognitive dissonance as a psychological phenomenon. It is when there is a difference between what an individual believes, knows, values and the persuasive information that challenges these beliefs. The mind adapts to the discrepancy, which causes psychological discomfort. Cognitive dissonance in ethics is crucial because it can alter values. For example, when a celebrity admires adopts a behavior that their admirers find unacceptable. Their dissonance can often lead to a change in their attitudes towards the behavior. It can also lead to rationalizations for unethical behavior, such as when the potential benefits and appeal of large amounts of money make unethical acts to obtain it less objectionable than if they were made with smaller amounts. “

We can see that there is a lot of potential for deception if we don’t keep our eyes on the ground and keep our Spiritual antenna on. This is where many people end up. We can see that people will often take the shortest route, making compromises to get around their beliefs, standards and thinking. It is important to understand that Cognitive Dissonance must reject The Truth and/or reject the facts at any moment.

So with that, let’s be clear, for multiple millions of people today are victims of this disorder, especially those deceived by the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion (mainstream Christianity). These people attend “church” services every week, and they are only told one thing. However, if they took time to read The Holy Scriptures and compare them with The Greek and Hebrew origins with the help of translation aids, they would discover something else, i.e. The Truth. The Truth is within The Holy Scriptures. But these people don’t want The Truth. They prefer to believe the cognitive dissonant version or the husband’s version. It is easier and more convenient to live with. This phenomenon is sometimes called “ear tickling”.

The same holds true for the political arena. Very few people do their research on the candidates they are considering voting for. Even worse, they don’t check to make sure that the process they trust isn’t rigged or corrupted. Most people don’t know how their votes are counted or how their political masters are selected by others. Yet, they blindly go to the polls believing that these people are elected into office. This is Cognitive Dissonance at its finest, or should I say worst, my dear friends. This is also why the Lord Jesus Christ gave us this warning:

Hosea 4:6 (KJV). My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. Because thou hast refused knowledge, I will also reject you, that thou shalt not be a priest to me. I will forget thy children, seeing as thou hast forgotten about the law of the thy God.

This verse was spoken at the time that The Ten Tribes of Israel’s Northern Kingdom were being invaded by the Assyrians (725 BC). They had been warned by The Lord’s prophets repeatedly to repent of their foolish behavior and evil ways, but they didn’t listen. They didn’t listen to the Lord’s Prophets and were not listening. Cognitive Dissonance was a big problem and everyone went headlong into denial and delusional thinking. It is important to realize that Molech worship, which is now known as Bohemian Grove, California, was the norm. They even offered their firstborn babies to the fiery furnace, which burned before this stone idol. They would then make an animal sacrifice to the true Godhead during the annual Holy Days, adding to their wickedness. How ignorant and blind are you? It’s easy to be as blind and stupid as the people who believe that The Godhead is a pagan trinity, that Peter was a Pope or a Bishop of Rome, that Easter and Christmas are Christian Festivals, and that Good Friday and Sunday morning is three days and three night. Can you see the Cognitive Dissonance ? I do hope so.

You can also add the secular political aspect to this because many millions of Americans believe that Mr Obama is the President of The United States of America. However, he is actually only the President of The US Inc., a Puerto Rican corporation listed on Dun & Bradstreet. (The US Inc. was established in 1871 for those of us who aren’t Cognitive Dissonant who wish to study this). Obama’s US citizenship uncertainty and birth certificate questions are, in fact, not a problem to the people above him, those who run the show and control the affairs. The truth is that he wouldn’t need to be a US citizen to become The President or The CEO Of The US Inc. Because The Lord is sure to do so, we should.

Psalms 2:5-5 (KJV). Why does the heathen rage and the people think it is vain? 2 The rulers and kings of this earth take counsel against the LORD and His Anointed. They say, “3 Let us cut their cords and toss them from us.” 4 He who sits in the heavens will laugh: The Lord shall have them in derision. 5 He will then speak to them in His wrath and vex them with His sore displeasure.

These Holy Scriptures from centuries ago are so appropriate for today’s world as we witness the antics and whims of the clowns who claim to govern us. They are called heathen by the Lord, and they are rightly so. They are also full of vain fantasies, i.e. What I refer to as the Three F’s, Fantasies Fallacies Foolishness and Foolishness. Or perhaps Cognitive Dissonance. These arrogant leaders, here called kings, take counsel against the Lord and position themselves. This literally means that they are in direct opposition to Jesus Christ. They then say, “Let’s disassociate from everything that is Godly or Righteous (just), and let go of any responsibility that the Godhead and/or right-minded men or women would expect of me.” They think they are all powerful, and they boast that they can overthrow anyone. They don’t know that The Lord treats them with derision. This means He mocks them as though He were an intelligent foreigner watching from outside. He can see their stupidity and weaknesses which they themselves cannot. We have it! Even our arrogant and pompous leaders can have Cognitive Dissonance. This could be called the blind leading blind.

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