Would you purchase sushi from a door-to- door flyer? Would it taste like the smell of?

I returned home from work last evening to find a poster stuck to my door advertising a small Chinese restaurant in a strip mall. I looked it over, thought about it, then placed it on top of my fridge along with 10 other identical menus from 10 different restaurants serving Chinese food in China. Hotpot Delivery

No differentiation. No specialization. It’s not even customizable, since it’s exactly the same menu with the same images and identical prices from various places that have similar names. China wok. China bowl. Hong kong china. China gold. Hot Pot Delivery

The flyer could have been 10times, 100 times or perhaps even 1000 times effective using a variety of elements.

First, you must eliminate the menu!

There are 137 options on the menu before me. I get it! However, after a long day of hard work one of the things that no one would like to do is make numerous decisions regarding dinner.

2. Kill the designer!

I’m all for simplicity so messy, jumbled and homogenized advertisements are boring and ineffective. The fact that every menu is identical with the exception of the store owner’s panel indicates that a skilled salesperson is convincing small-business owners that five cents to contact someone is an investment worth it.

It’s not.

Your money is being wasted.


Here’s how you can fix it.

One option is to sit at the computer, and open Word doc.

Two: select one itemthat is a bestseller and combine it with another product, as well as two other items.

Three: Take an image of your special meal.

Four: add the word doc and then write a wonderful description of the food. Create an irresistibleand unique deal. (Could include free delivery or it could also be free meals. It could be possible to purchase this deal for $5.)

The idea is to connect it to something that is unique and create value.

Five: God on the 2nd page document.

Six: Take a photograph of the cook or the owner, and paste it in the doc.

Seven Write about your family, the individuals who work there, and the story of the business. The name of the company large and bold and provide all the ways to reach the company.

Eight: put the text box that contains an offer for free on your second webpage. (If the customer signs up to an organization [inputs their email address] they receive an appetizer or meal for free.)

Print them out. Then you’ll have a double side flyer. Offer an opportunity to eat a meal for someone to deliver them door-to-door in your local area. Print out 200 copies for .04 cents each. The total cost is only $8. If only one person takes notice of your advertisement, you’ll earn profits.

If they do respond, and they’ll take action if the campaign is effective ensure that you have their address, name and email address. This is an easy way to gauge the response of your marketing campaign.

It also establishes your brand’s image in the mind of the customer and helps set you apart from other businesses. Once you’ve chosen a neighborhood, you can expand it to a second one. Don’t forget the first one! Make a second flyer with the same template but with you’ll need a different offer. Print it out.

It is possible to create the most diverse menu items you think of making the possibilities limitless But I would suggest that you print eight flyers, and test your increasing customer list by an e-mail.

Here are 15 other strategies that could bring thousands of dollars to your profits and turn your modest business into a cash cow. However, before I share them with you , I want to share them with you.

There is no requirement to have an Chinese food establishment to use these easy methods to get more customers. It works in any restaurant, cafe or business. Italian pizza, wings, pizza or steaks- the options are endless. Steamboat Delivery Singapore