When I first speak with clients who are looking to stop using cannabis products , they will bring up the question of how they can get a good night’s sleep without using their nighttime ‘joint’. There is evidence that suggests the gloomy feeling that comes from lack of sleep is the trigger for recrudescence. Therefore, the main issue for those who want to ease the way to overcoming the habit of marijuana addiction is what can they do to achieve that perfect night’s sleep that seems impossible? weed delivery

Why can’t I sleep! – Anyone who has experienced a time in their life where they’ve experienced insomnia can testify to the effect it has on the overall health of a person. It’s not difficult to imagine consequently the greater impact sleeping patterns that are not optimal can affect those experiencing the many other issues that result from a break with an addiction to cannabis. In my job in my role as Cannabis Cessation Specialist the first step is to determine in each case what degree the issue is physical and psychological. weed delivery ottawa

For instance, ‘Bob’ who is Restaurant Owner He has for years been spending his evenings drinking massive amounts of coffee later returning home to smoke marijuana for about 2 hours before going to bed. Bob’s attempts to stop smoking marijuana without altering his caffeine consumption at night results in a major physical reason for his sleepiness.

In a different instance, “Tony” is used to taking cannabis at night to help relieve the stress he is feeling when he is working as an Stockbroker. If he doesn’t take a cigarette in the evening , his anxiety levels rise to a point where the ability to block out thoughts that are active in relation to work becomes impossible, and neither is sleeping.

What is my solution? – Whatever the main reason behind insomnia, the initial stage should be an honest assessment of the routine you follow. It is essential to record every aspect of your usual evening routine. Therefore, begin by looking at your personal circumstances. Remember to record your mood, food consumption, exercise routines, consumption of alcohol; any that is energized by computer gaming as well as the usual the time between getting to bed and going to bed and reading habits; television time. You can then follow the following helpful rules:

  • No caffeine after 6.00pm. This includes the entire range of drinks that contain caffeine as well as large amounts of sugar. Don’t just be wary of coffee and a variety of teas, but stay away from most fizzy drinks as well as hot chocolate items too. Keep in mind that a lot of off the shelf’ painkillers come with caffeine, so make sure you read the label attentively or stay clear of completely.
  • Prepare yourself to go to sleep. The routine of falling asleep watching T.V. and waking up in the early hours getting up to go to bed won’t not provide you with the uninterrupted sleep is required to feel rejuvenated and energetic in the early morning. Set a time (no more than 11.30 is an ideal general rule) then brush your teeth, change into the sleep clothes you prefer and then head for the bedroom.
  • Let your mind go and relax to the night. A few minutes of reading before going to the comfort of your bed is fine as are listening to some relaxing music. The recordings of hypnotic suggestions that you have made for yourself are also a great aid to sleeping (avoid the generic popular products, only those made exclusively designed for you have any value). Televisions and computers should not be used in the bedroom. Mobile phones must be put away in a different room (no excuses for this one If you must make use of the alarm function of your mobile phone, purchase the alarm clock. For sleeping with it on your pillow Don’t do it!)
  • Don’t swap dope for booze! Sure, two bottle of red wine could appear to be an ideal opportunity to sleep, but it’s just a matter of swapping one negative experience for another. Try green tea instead, and you’ll be able to enjoy the calming sensation that is due to a substance known as Theanine. Be sure to keep your liquid intake to a minimum since having to get up three times during the night to use the bathroom is not good for your vitality when you wake up in the morning.
  • Avoid nicotine. I always advise clients to stop smoking cigarettes when they stop cannabis consumption. The nicotine that is absorbed through smoking tobacco can thwart any attempt to rest and sleep. If you’re applying nicotine patches in your plan for cigarettes-free lifestyle (there are more effective methods for most people) the patches are best removed early evening . Trying to fall asleep with nicotine in your body is a futile endeavor and the bizarre sleepless nights reported by patch users offer little help to those who want sleeping.
  • Correct your melatonin levels. If you’re not providing your body with healthy food items and giving the proper nutrients and vitamins that allow melatonin naturally created, there could be a need to give your levels a boost. It is no secret that you require this hormone for sleep. If it’s in the dark (a room that is dark and quiet essential to have a peaceful night) Melatonin starts working it’s magic in your brain. It allows you to go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Use it in a dose of 1 hour before going to fall asleep. You’ll feel much more refreshed upon awakening. I suggest my clients purchase a melatonin supplement made of synthetic ingredients, and not one that is advertised as natural. Melatonin supplements marketed as natural originate from extracts from the pineal glands from animal (mostly sheep) and are not recommended for use.
  • Make sure you are exercising regularly in your daily life. Even if it’s just walking for twenty minutes, the regular exercising will help to regulate your body’s internal clock. The healthier you are, the better your sleeping habits will be. The only one exception to the ‘exercise’ is healthy’ rule is late night activities that are high in heart rate. If your only opportunity to workout is at night, then ensure that you have at least 3 hours interval between exercise and bed or you’ll be trying to sleep while your body remains at a high level. There are many kinds of exercises that are ideal for relaxing your body and mind like Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi All are highly recommended by my clients who have embraced these as part of their general commitment to personal wellness.